Access for Ishinomaki

Here, we give you some basic information on how to get to Ishinomaki.

As the main hub for the whole of north Japan, use of public transportation will probably mean coming through Sendai City on your way here

By Air

by air

From Sendai Airport Sendai Aiport regular train 25min, express 17minSendai Airport Access Line train JR Sendai Station


It’s easy to get around the central area on foot or using rented bicycles. However, visitors should be aware that Tuesday is the day when relatively large numbers of shops are closed.

By Shinkansen


From Tokyo JR Tokyo Station approx. 90 minsTohoku Shinkansen (bullet train) JR Sendai Station

By Long-Distance Bus


From Tokyo Tokyo approx. 6.5–7.5 hrs Sendai
From Osaka, Kansai Osaka approx. 12 hrs Sendai

* travel times vary depending on day or night buses

Direct bus from Tokyo to Ishinomaki

All long-distance buses require reservations.
A very limited number of buses go through Sendai to Ishinomak
i. Information can be found online (Japanese only).

Sendai ⇔ Ishino-maki

Train from Sendai to Ishinomaki

JR local line, ¥840 one way, Suica pre-paid cards usable

Senseki Tohoku Line(from platforms 1-6)
JR Sendai Station approx. 60 mins JR Ishinomaki Station
Senseki Line(from platforms 9, 10)
JR Sendai Station approx. 90 mins JR Ishinomaki Station

Please be aware that the two lines leave from different platforms, so passengers are advised to check travel information carefully. Both lines do not run too frequently, so it’s a good idea to check timetables in advance.

The faster Senseki Tohoku Line is good for getting to Ishinomaki as quickly as possible. The slower Senseki Line can be used for a more relaxing trip along coastal areas, and goes through Matsushima Kaigan Station, a nationally popular sightseeing venue.

Bus from Sendai to Ishinomaki

Miyakoh Bus, ¥800 one way

Miyakoh Bus (no reservations necessary)
JR Sendai Station approx. 80 mins JR Ishinomaki Station

Passengers can pay in cash on the bus. Pre-paid cards (Suica, PASMO, icsca) may also be used in which case the machine should be swiped both on boarding and getting off the bus. As of December 2015, the Sendai Station bus stop is number 21, opposite Sakurano Dept Store on Aoba Dori Street.

By Car

by car

Tokyo to Ishinomaki

Tokyo(Urawa exit)

320 ㎞Tohoku Expwy
Sendai Minami
10 ㎞Sendai Nanbu Road
Sendai Wakabayashi
48 ㎞Sendai Tobu Road &
Sanriku Expwy