Tohoku Tsunami

The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011. There was a combination of a very large earthquake followed by a huge tsunami. About 18,500 people died in the disaster, and the surviving people felt very sad. Other prefectures and countries offered their support. Everyone has been doing the best and working hard towards recovery.

We still do not have the people we lost, but we will always remember them. We must continue to remember that day and tell the next generation the things we experienced in the disaster. Talking about what happened and doing things in memory of that day and the people we lost are just as important as rebuilding our city. We will never forget.

Ishinomaki is still trying to recover from the earthquake that hit our city. After the earthquake many volunteers from Japan and abroad came to Ishinomaki to support its reconstruction. They delivered a lot of things such as their time and energy, medical care, and food and stationery. They contributed a lot to our recovery both on a physical level and on a spiritual level as well. They are still supporting our recovery in new ways through rebuilding our community, building playgrounds and helping our children go abroad to study and share their stories. We’d like to say a special “Thank you!” to all the volunteers, both here in Japan and overseas, who have helped our recovery!


Ishinomaki Community & Info Center

The center exhibits "future of the city," "progress report of the reconstruction projects," and "what’s happening with local initiatives," along with the photos taken before and after the earthquake on display. It also serves as a meeting place for citizens and visitors.